Friday, September 12, 2014

A farewell

I am writing this at 5:47 in the morning on a Friday because I can't sleep and because it should have been done many months ago. In January I stepped down as the Executive Director of USA FAIR partly due to some pretty serious health issues (all better now, thankfully) but also because my wonderful, amazing fiancee requested that I cease my advocacy work for personal reasons. This blog's previous entries will remain open, but will not be maintained, and comments will be closed.

To anyone who may stumble across this blog because they are googling me (lol) or for other nefarious purposes, I will simply say that I am happy and fulfilled in my relationship, and should you feel the need to disrupt that for me or other families like me, I hope that you may find whatever is obviously missing in your life. My goals were always to fight for better, more sensible laws based on facts and reason, and our organization was supported by policy experts, treatment professionals, and respected child advocates, not to mention years of research. Anyone or any website (especially anonymous individuals) stating otherwise are incorrect.

The passion I put into my advocacy work is now being channeled into spending extra time with my dogs. It's been a busy summer, and will be a busy fall.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sex offenders throwing baseballs and living in houses....we're doomed!

So sometimes instead of freaking the fuck out over how many idiotic newspaper articles are printed on a daily basis over anything sex offender, I just have to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. Even better if the comments underneath the article call out the paper (or news station) for being pathetic and desperate. But sometimes there are those articles that even make me wonder, what sort of scenario are they trying to imply will happen as a result?

Hidden among the perpetual "check the registry!" crap, and overly zealous "check the registry!" crap if a child happens to be missing, are some gems that simply have to make one smile instead of scream.

1. Danger of a Different Kind - Firefighters Push to Keep Sex Offenders Out (WWNYTV news)

I say:

2. Man who threw out first pitch for 2014 season is a sex offender (Miami Herald)

I say:

3. Sex offender and law school grad denied Kentucky bar exam (Kentucky Kernel)

I say:

4. Special report: Stopping near sex offenders (NBC 14)

I say:

5. Special report: Inside the mind of a sex offender (CBS6 Albany)

I say:

Okay, that's enough for me for one day. I hope you've enjoyed your daily dose of sex offender satire, because God knows we need it to survive. 

And can we chat about something? PLEASE people, we need more shares and more comments. Otherwise the bad, slanderous links take over and no one gets to read my brilliant works! So could we up the sharing? Thank you, I appreciate it more than you could ever know! :)

One last little thing: some good news, since we need it. SUCK IT, Pennsylvania Adam Walsh Act!