Monday, November 12, 2012

And another door opens: USA FAIR

Today I and several other advocates did something amazing. Today is the official launch of USA FAIR, Inc., which stands for USA Families Advocating an Intelligent Registry – and of which I am proud to have been named Executive Director.

With your help and support, we can help get the facts out on low sex offender recidivism, tell the stories of how the registry needlessly and negatively impacts the families of registrants and work to bring about real change through public education. We will hold the media accountable for the information they report and provide them with a central source for contacting advocates for reform and accessing the latest in sex offender research.

With my new responsibilities I will no longer be blogging from my I Love a Sex Offender platform. You can now read my blogs at and stay up-to-date on our projects and progress through our Facebook page:

I promise to remain the same outspoken advocate for the rights of our families and keep speaking the truth in the face of what seems like overwhelming hate and ignorance. I am confident that with USA FAIR behind me, the ripples of change we’ve begun to see will turn into waves.

It is my sincere hope that everyone I’ve met along my journey – and those I’ve not yet met – will accompany me on this next leg by donating your time and whatever financial resources you can afford. Without you, there is no USA FAIR. We need to work together like never before.

See you on the front lines,




  1. I do hope you continue to update us on Google+ as many RSO's do not use and/or cannot use Facebook.

    1. Yes of course I will do so - you can also sign up for email updates from and it will send you a note every time I publish a blog entry. You can also read about our projects - I can't wait to start them. We also would love feedback on the new site and group.

  2. Hi Shana,

    Yes, I got the delivery in my inbox this afternoon and am already a member. I will keep an eye on the organization's developments and look forward to contributing my own insight as time goes on, of course when my schedule permits.

    Thanks again, and here's to fighting the good fight. ;-)


  3. Shawna,
    Im looking forward to sharing and supporting more.


  4. Shawna, my best wishes and prayers go with you as you use this new opportunity to call for sanity and compassion.


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